Crafting Crone

Oh well, can’t always have a buzzing mind to write, so sometimes it’s better to make something with the hands and pretend to be useful.

The wisdom of generations of women, passed down one stitch at a time, is that you cannot knit too many pairs of heavy woolen socks. Everyone needs socks. When it’s cold, when you’re feeling sick, even if – or especially if – hell freezes over.. you do need warm socks. Unless of course you live somewhere really warm, in which case cotton, bamboo or some other nice yarn might come in handy. Anyways, knitting a sock is a quick, mobile, economic and useful project that brings focus and tranquility to the soul – if you ever learn to deal with the heel. When heels are too much, and sometimes they are, mittens are a good option or as every art teacher seems to insist; a scarf. And so the list goes on…

If I project cannot be justified as useful, it will find its way into the category of therapeutic activity or simply pass as an attempt at creating art.