The Vintage Veylas….

I have finished my Vintage Veylas and I love them.


They are ‘vintage’ in the recycled sense. Before Christmas a friend gave me this yarn from a thrift store or something. The first yards were obviously frogged out of some knitting, but the rest was pristine.

reclyed yarn

I skeined it:
recycled yarn 02

Washed it:

recycled yarn 03

Got it back on the niddy noddy:

recycled yarn 04

It looks like new:

recycled yarn 05

Wound it into two balls of equal weight and cast on:


Blocked out the lace part:


..and well.. you saw the finished object in the first picture. The yarn was great. I tend to go for the expensive luxury yarns when I buy my own, but this was definitely great to work with. Really soft and pretty. These Veylas are going back to where the yarn came from. I love the pattern though, so a second pair is coming up in some leftover yarn from another project. Already got the buttons for it, so soon.. very soon I’m casting on again.

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